About us
Miss Supermodel Worldwide Africa is an annual, national pageant based in The Netherlands for models between the age of 18 and 29 years. On the road between the casting and finals, participants learn the ins and outs of pageantry, modeling and professionalism. Participants are given the chance to develop their competencies and broaden their network through the Miss Supermodel Worldwide Africa connections. Workshops are given by professionals from different fields in order to provide participants knowledge and experiences that will last a lifetime.
Miss Supermodel Worldwide Africa stimulates and celebrates the awareness and growth of African beauty. With its young and experienced team, the final show of Miss Supermodel Worldwide Africa reveals Africa’s latest trends and designers while promoting African cultures and lifestyle. The finale is concluded by the selection of the next Miss Supermodel Worldwide Africa, who will represent their country in front of the rest of the world in an honest and fair competition being Miss Supermodel Worldwide in New Delhi, India.


Leila Aigbedion – National Director/Owner
Leila Aigbedion is the national director and owner of Miss Supermodel Worldwide Africa. After participating in X pageants and winning Y of those, Leila knows all the ins and outs of pageantry and was the first Afro-Dutch girl to represent The Netherlands in an international pageant. Having worked on countless national and international campaigns, modeling and presenting have become a second nature of which the goal now is to help the world see the real beauty of black models and guide those models on the way there.

e-mail: laigbedion@misssupermodelwwafrica.com






Yves Saidi – Branding & Coordination
With his background in design and styling, Yves Saidi takes care of the branding of Miss Supermodel Worldwide Africa. Due to his eye and passion for fashion and style as well as his fearlessness to think out of the box, Yves is the coordinator of shoots and events related to Miss Supermodel Worldwide Africa.

e-mail: info@misssupermodelwwafrica.com







Claudia Nzeba – Assistant Director,Casting & Legal
Being a former winner of this team’s pageant, Claudia aspired to be an example for Afro-Dutch women and proved to be of great significance. Through her enthusiasm and help behind the scream, Claudia Nzeba became a vital part of this organization and its operations. With a BA in Law and a heart for pageantry, Claudia is responsible for the legal administrations of Miss Supermodel Worldwide as well as the communication between the organization and contestants.
e-mail: casting@misssupermodelwwafrica.com







Valerie van den Berg – Marketing & PR Management
Valerie van den Berg is responsible for the marketing and PR of Miss Supermodel Worldwide Africa. Having experience in the media and marketing as well as in the miss- and mister pageantry, Valerie is responsible for the communication between the Miss Supermodel Worldwide Africa organization and the outside world.

e-mail: management@misssupermodelwwafrica.com